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Mind Power



What can I expect from the Mind Power Training?

  • Eliminate negative thinking.

  • Remove barriers to achieving your goals.

  • Increased health & vitality.

  • Grow your earning capacity.

  • Clarity for solving any problem in your life.

  • Learn to work with thought forms and energy.

  • Gain deeper intuition to make better decisions.

  • Feel connected and in tune with your life.

  • Discover your passion and purpose.

  • Become your best self.

  • What You Will Learn

    Week 1

  • The dynamics of the mind, thoughts and how they influence your life.

  • The conscious mind: what it is, how it works for us and against us

  • The inner and outer worlds of our reality

  • The six laws of the mind, Part I

  • How to influence the outside world with your thoughts

  • How to maintain your concentration easily and effectively

  • Understanding and eliminating negative mind habits

  • Week 2

  • Cultivating the conscious mind

  • Understanding and controlling the circumstances of your life

  • Creating thought forms

  • Effective visualization techniques

  • Seeding Technique

  • Working with vibrations to create your reality

  • Understanding and eliminating negatives

  • Week 3

  • The power of decision, action and persistence

  • The big payoff: Experiencing your power

  • Removing power from undesirable conditions

  • Mind & body, health techniques

  • Affirmations: How they work and how to use them

  • Acknowledgement technique to create success and abundance

  • Week 4

  • Using your intuition to solve problems

  • The six laws of the mind, Part II

  • The dynamics of achieving large goals

  • Steps for influencing and getting answers from the subconscious mind

  • Using your imagination to create

  • Creating thought success patterns that work for you day and night

  • Realizing your full potential through new, creative methods of living

  • Week 5

  • The building blocks of reality

  • The nature and power of beliefs

  • Discovering hidden personal beliefs

  • Common belief system barriers

  • Changing your beliefs

  • Using the imprinting technique to reach the subconscious

  • The holographic reality

  • Week 6

  • The genesis of Mind Power

  • Common errors in using Mind Power

  • The importance of charting and journaling

  • Identifying goals

  • Points of achievement

  • Designing your personal Mind Power program

  • Free Exploration Call

    The Exploration Call is our conversation together in which we focus on your goal(s) and where you might be stuck or want support. It’s important to note that this is not a coaching call. We want to learn more about you! This 30-minute call gives you time to let us know about your needs and to see how our Lifestyle Wellness Coaches can best assist you.

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